Raisins, Market Update, 06.06.2022

Date: 6th June 2022 Category: Latest News
Raisins, Market Update, 06.06.2022

2021 crop registration of raw materials at the Bourse reached 279 thousand, 8% lower than the 2020 crop’s 303 thousand tons. Considering the unofficial estimation of 290 thousand tons of 2021 crop, we may assume that 96% of the crop has changed hands.


2021 Crop Exports 

Vine fruit exports from Turkey have reached 190k tons. With the strengthening of weekly shipments over the last couple of months. 


%84 of total exports were shipped to the top ten countries:

The UK (47k tons), Germany (28k tons), the Netherlands (18k tons), Italy (16k tons), Australia (13k tons) France (12k tons), Spain (6k tons), Canada (6k tons), Japan (5k tons) and Poland (4k tons). Compared to last year, Uk Shipments are down 6% while Germany increased its volume by 23%, the Netherlands 4%, Italy 21%, Australia 42%, France 5%, Spain 22%, Canada 17%, Japan 27% and Poland 20% respectively.


The market is shallow with limited transactions at the bourse, yet, the weekly shipments are strong due to the contracts made earlier this season.TMo (Turkish Grain Board) is expected to increase their selling prices for their stocks in June, but it is not yet clear how the market will react. 


The initiative to find solid and sustainable ways to reduce pesticides and herbicides in Turkish dried grapes found support from all sectors. The growers and pesticide dealers are acting in line with new practices.


From Vineyards 


The weather conditions are favorable, and the 2022 crop is progressing well. The vineyards are in the flowering stage. A good yield is expected as long as adverse weather conditions do not occur.