Seed Market Outlook

Date: 29th March 2022 Category: Latest News
Seed Market Outlook

Having Ukraine and Russia as major sources to global commodity markets, the volatility seen has set record high prices and unprecedented turbulence across key commodities. Despite dealing with current market conditions and continually firefighting, we must look to the future and potential long-term effects.

Flaxseed – Although supply isn’t presenting much of an issue currently and silos remain relatively full, the long-term provisions are making suppliers and or packers very cautions. Most are changing their selling strategy, whereas they would somewhat speculatively sell the contract against stock not yet bought, they are waiting to have the stock physically in store before offering out.

Poppy – The main concern will be taking into consideration increasing fuel costs and the knock-on effects. This has effectively pushed up production costs as a result. Poppy itself is fairly steady and remains relatively unaffected by the rest of Europe.   

Pumpkin – As you may have heard, parts of China have entered another stage of regional lockdown to isolate any COVID outbreaks. This has had some repercussions with labour, production, and logistics. Nonetheless, demand remains relatively low