Snapshot update on Seeds

Date: 3rd July 2018 Category: Latest News
Snapshot update on Seeds

Pumpkin – Forecast to have significantly lower planting figures this crop due to low prices and weak market. Farmers likely to move into better cash crops such as Soya and Corn, particularly as they think the trade war with the US could see bean and corn prices rise.

Millet – Too early to tell what the plantings are going to be. A better picture will  emerge in a couple of weeks.

Sunflower  - Less acreage being planted, buoyant oilseed market, poor crop in Argentina, very dry conditions in Eastern Europe and the strong Dollar v Euros is all combining to put a bullish twist

Poppy – Lack of rain plus a bout of root weevil which attacks young plants early has pushed the market up €50/pmt since last week

Linseeds – YOY plantings will be very similar, although there will be no carry-over we expect the market to be similar.

Sesame – The market in India is very strong at the moment due to lack of raw material, and a large demand from both Korea and China.