South Africa Vine Fruit Report

Date: 24th January 2020 Category: Latest News, Market Report
South Africa Vine Fruit Report

The Vine Fruit crop in South Africa is progressing well in both Upington and Vredendal. It had been indicated that this year’s crop will be 5000 MT more than 2019 crop reaching 80000 MT. This is despite the frost damage that hit the upper river area of the Orange River near Groblershoop and resulted in a loss of 4,500 tonnes. Considering all of the above, the quality of the crop still appears to be very promising.

New varieties, like Selma Pete and Merbein, are producing above average yields, excellent quality and will be harvested earlier.

Commonly the drought in the Western Cape has significant effects on production volumes, particularly from 2018-2019. However, this year there has been enough rain therefore, the dam will have enough water to suffice. Vredendal is where 100% of currants are produced, and the decrease in drought has meant crop is back to normal levels (2020 estimate 8,000 tonnes).

Production in Vredendal

2017 = 7,273 MT (currants = 4,206 MT)
2018 = 4,763 MT (currants = 1,951 MT)
2019 = 4,132 MT (currants = 1,220 MT)
2020 = estimate 7,800 MT

Much like the above, goldens are indicating that all is on track and looking very promising.

Volumes of Goldens produced in SA: 

2018- 23,000 MT
2019- 11,000 MT
2020- estimate 20,000 - 25,000 MT

The Demand has had an influence on the increased volumes for Golden crop. This demand has come from the global price of Thompson Seedless Raisins ("TSR") has decreased and that there is again a substantial financial incentive for the farmers to produce Golden's.

Golden's, are a much more costly product to produce because of the needed facilities, equipment and racks and the additional manual labor. So, the farmers who have the necessary equipment will again have an incentive to produce Golden's.