South African Dried Fruit Crop Forecast...

Date: 23rd November 2015 Category: Latest News
South African Dried Fruit Crop Forecast...

Vine Fruit:

 The crop in Upington is progressing very well and another good crop is forecasted.025

Initial indications are that the crop could be around 55 000 tons vs the 60 000 tons produced last year. The harvest time may be earlier than last year, but the weather going forward will be the determining factor.



Tree Fruit:

The apricot crop will be smaller than previous year , but volumes of peaches and pears will be similar than this year. The mango production area has been affected by hail and 15% of the fresh crop has been damaged. We will see over the next weeks if it will have an impact on the mango being driedapricots as some product destined for the fresh market, may be dried.