South African Market Update, August 2022

Date: 16th August 2022 Category: Latest News
South African Market Update, August 2022

The 2022 crop was one of the most challenging crops in the last 20 years. The higher-than-normal rains caused damage to the crop in the Orange River area. In the Olifants River area, better drying conditions have been experienced, and the crop quality is good.




The total vine fruit crop was estimated to be between 85,000 MT to 88,000 MT when harvest commenced, but eventually, only 76,481 MT was delivered vs. 72,731 MT in 2021 and 83,436 MT in 2020.


The breakdown of products produced during the 2022 season also differs from the 2021 season as the rain affected the grape quality. Only 13% of the crop was delivered as Golden sultanas, versus 21% in 2021. Thomspon raisins increased from 50% in 2021 to 63% of the 2022 crop. Currants in the Olifants River area decreased from 5% of the toal crop in 2021 to 4% in 2022.


The first frost was experienced by the end of April in the upper Orange River at Groblershoop. A good winter is expected with good cold units.