Spanish Almond Crop Update, 09.05.2023

Date: 9th May 2023 Category: Latest News
Spanish Almond Crop Update, 09.05.2023

After two years of bad harvest and on the verge of severe drought, an excellent almond harvest is estimated for this 2023/24 exercise. everything will depend on the much-needed and desired rains.
The Current estimate is based on data from General registry of AGriculture production (REGEPA), whicj icludes a planted area of 638,890 hectares, of which 525,840 hectares are productive (436,675 hectares are rainfed and 89,165 hectares are irrigated). of all, a 25% of the total surface are used for organic almond cultivation (productive 130,145 Ha).


Subjective Crop estimate for the 2023/2024
Conventual Almond Outlook - 108,433 MT
Organic Almond outlook - 19,986 MT
Total Spanish Almond Outlook - 128,419 MT


This increase is motivated by the "rest" that the almond trees have had in the last season, after the loss fruit due to frost and blooming and setting problems.
The increase of almond production is Spain has an excellent projection, supported by new plantations and especially irrigated ones, which represenyt 17% of the total planted area nd account for around 57% of the Spanish Harvest.

Due to the great drought and high temperatures that Spain is suffering and the unchanged weather forecast, dawn trend corrections could be expected to this estimate.