Spanish / Portuguese Almond Crop Progress Report – April 3, 2023

Date: 4th April 2023 Category: Latest News
Spanish / Portuguese Almond Crop Progress Report – April 3, 2023

During the last seven days, the weather in the Iberian Peninsula has continued to be warmer and drier than usual. The temperatures have oscillated between 5-10°C, minimum, and 20-30°C, maximum. Meanwhile, the lack of rain continues.

Under these weather conditions, extra-late blooming varieties peaked during the last days in the coldest orchards. Therefore, the 2023 bloom season is in its final days.


In the meantime, warmer orchards are fully covered by leaves and show rapid growth in shoots and nuts. As the crop matures, the trees will shed the first nutlets in the coming days.

Weather forecasts show some atmospheric instability for the next few days. Temperatures will be back to normal for the date. The maximum temperatures will continue between 20 and 25°C, while the minimum temperatures can drop below five degrees Celsius. The probability of rain for the next few days is low, although the models do not rule out some rain.


Growers continue with their spring work, focused on phytosanitary and weed control. The drought persists, recognized as the main threat to the present crop. In addition, the dry weather is making it necessary to carry out the first irrigations, where possible, to maintain the soil profiles.