Sultanas: new year kicks off with price rise

Date: 19th January 2023 Category: Latest News
Sultanas: new year kicks off with price rise

Mundus Agri. Turkey's raisin market is on edge as temperatures range well above average and rain is lacking. In addition, the TMO is still to announce when sales will start.

Dry weather may become a problem.

The lack of rain is a matter of concern in Turkey. With water being in short supply throughout the country, traders are concerned about the impact of a possible drought on production. Costs will certainly rise if growers need to take action. Daytime temperatures currently range at a much too high 13-17C (55.4-62.2F), and nighttime temperatures at 7-10C (44.6-50F). The risk is that frost may create extensive damage if winter dormancy stops too early. Growers are presently pruning the vines, which is usually done by March.

Buying is rather subdued, and the TMO is still to announce a starting date for selling its supplies. 

Exports start to pick up

Exports are slowly starting to pick up again. Weekly shipments reached 4,649 mt on 15 January, which is down on the 4,951 mt registered in the same week last year. Turkey has exported 105,514 mt of seedless dried raisins since the season started on 01 August, which is up on the 104,607 mt shipped in the same period last year.