Sultanas: risk of frost alerts growers

Date: 29th March 2023 Category: Latest News
Sultanas: risk of frost alerts growers

Mundus Agri. Frosty nights are expected in Manisa, alarming sultana growers and traders alike. Meanwhile, the TMO has announced another raw material sale - at higher prices than before.


Yields are at stake

The vine fruits have awoken from their winter dormancy, which increases the risk of yield losses for this year's crop. At the beginning of the week, the weather in the Manisa growing region was typical for this time of year with daytime temperatures of 15-20°C, cooling down to 3-8°C at night. In the middle of this week, however, it is supposed to get frosty again at night, which alarms market players. Many exporters therefore prefer to hold back on offers this week, as price increases would be due in this case.


TMO raises commodity prices

The TMO, meanwhile, plans to proceed with raw material sales from the 2021 crop, but at higher prices than before. The increase is around TRY 0.50/kg, which raises the offers for Type 7 as well as Type 8 to TRY 23/kg, Type 9 is no longer available. For the latter, it remains to be seen if and when sales of the goods from the current season are planned.

Overall, the Turkish sultana market is rather quiet. Only 65 mt of sultanas were traded at the Izmir commodity exchange last week. Contrary to efforts made, TMO will probably not offer its raw materials via the stock exchange as an additional sales channel.




Exports remain stable

Since the beginning of this season, 148,062 mt of sultanas and raisins have been exported from Turkey, compared to 146,783 mt this time last year. Weekly exports are currently 4,521 mt, which is similar to last year's level; in the same week last year they were 4,357 mt.