Superfruit Prunes Crop Report

Date: 4th March 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Superfruit Prunes Crop Report

Superfruit harvest season of prunes has ended.

The harvest season started one week earlier than usual, and after 3 weeks of intense work and effort of Superfruit team, all our orchards were harvested.
Superfruit has 3 main areas that in sum are close to 1.040 ha.
Ranguilí, our biggest prune plantation with almost 570 ha. is close to Lolol, 3 hours south from Santiago.
Then comes Chancon. This plantation has close to 230 ha. And is 1 hour south from Santiago, in Rancagua area, where our main offices are based.
Last, but not the least, is Tantehue, with more than 220 ha. This orchard is close to Melipilla, 1 hour west from Santiago.prunes

Meanwhile the harvest, the prunes were sent to our sun dry fields and dry tunnels in order to dry our fruit, the correct operation in this stage is essential to keep the quality of the product.
Now a rigorous calibration and selection of the prune is being done. Superfruit is doing it well and now the fruit is ready. Our fields were capable of producing around 9.000 Tons of raw material, little bit less than last year, but bigger size curve. Chile produced approximately 70.000 Tons. Quality of the fruit looks very good. Amount of sugar is the correct and we are expecting a good yield and excellent product.