Supply of products from Ukraine & Russia

Date: 10th March 2022 Category: Latest News
Supply of products from Ukraine & Russia

As the dreadful situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, we are starting to see the negative impact on the supply chain and markets already.

Presently we are fielding a lot of enquiries about the origin of products that we import, and we can confirm the below products are directly affected, but not limited to:

Linseed, Millet seed, Chickpeas, Walnuts, Beans & Lentils

Some raw material is typically stored in silos and there will already by a large proportion of Russian / Ukrainian origin raw material within those silos waiting to be processed for pending orders. In addition, some of the stock we presently hold in store will be of Russian / Ukrainian origin processed in our approved factories over the previous couple of months.

It is not possible to withdraw Russian material from the supply chain in the short term without compromising availability of products to deliver to customers. We would expect, and support, that over a longer period as stocks deplete, the natural reduction of Russian origin material from our supply chain

Hopefully, a swift peaceful resolution can be found, and the Ukrainian people can get back to a normal life. Until that time we’re facing unprecedented challenges for the foreseeable future.