Turkish Hazelnut Market Update

The overall assumption is the local market in Turkey remains firm. TMO and 'private' markets are both willing to buy and are absorbing the available volumes. Italy is a very active buyer at present due to their own crop being short. This further increases the demand for Turkish material. Considering the above, the Turkish hazelnut […]

Published: 11th October 2019

Hazelnut Market Report

Demand: Export: 625-650,000 mt (Exports will be boosted by lack of Italian Hazels, relative competitiveness of the Turkish market vs Caucasus, and the wish for major users to take long cover). Domestic Demand: 100,000 mt TMO/FKB: 100,000 mt in shell (So far, they’ve collected 70/75,000 mt and booked 150/160,000 mt) Today we see the market […]

Published: 4th October 2019

Turkish Hazelnuts update

We remain in the transition period between 2017 crop and soon to be available 2018 crop. Trade is thin as most shippers prefer to wait till 2018 crop is physically available before setting prices. 2017 crop is still available at 20.5 TL a price which hasn’t changed for the last three months. New crop should […]

Published: 24th July 2018

Turkish Hazelnut Market update

The market generally remains unchanged in Turkey, however after the recent elections and and reelection of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan  the Lira recovered about 3%, which was less than the expectation. Prices in €/$ increased accordingly. Weather conditions have been near perfect up until now and the crop is developing extremely well. Exporters Union specialists are in […]

Published: 4th July 2018

Additional volumes of Turkish Hazelnuts available in the market...

TMO ( Turkish Grain Board) has announced yesterday evening that they are opening their stocks for sale. Giresun Variety  in shell hazelnuts; 12,50 TL / kg, Levant Variety    in shell hazelnuts; 11,50 TL / kg, Pointed Variety  in shell hazelnuts; 10,50 TL / kg, These prices are 15 % higher than current running prices in […]

Published: 23rd February 2018

Hazelnut update

The market remains quite with very little activity. There are limited offers at 20 TL for raw 11/13 mm Kernels, buyers are mainly domestic. With suppliers well sold and most manufacturers well covered we would expect the market to remain quite but stable. The next point of interest for both producers and manufacturers will be […]

Published: 2nd February 2018

Hazelnut market update

Today we are seeing slightly more interest mainly from smaller buyers who push forward with cover. Many of these companies usually only buy when they have a better view of their customers’ demands otherwise operate on a ‘hand to mouth’ basis. Most major users are now well covered. Last week the Levant in-shell price has […]

Published: 30th January 2018

Hazelnuts & Almonds market update

HazelnutsThe Turkish Hazelnut market remains remarkably stable at 18.5 TL. Volumes arriving satisfy demand, farmers and stock holders are not willing to discount further having seen the TMO’s improving performance. It would seem that at current levels all players (other than short sellers) seem happy. This would seem a good time to look at your […]

Published: 4th October 2017

Turkish Weather - Apricots, Hazelnuts, Raisins & Sultanas

Overnight in the major Turkish growing regions for Apricots (Malatya) and for Raisins & Sultanas (Manisa) temperatures reached worrying levels for the upcoming crops. With further low temperatures forecast tonight for Malatya, Manisa & the Black Sea region (the growing region for Hazelnuts) exporters are already talking up potential damage, thus already talking about HUGE increases […]

Published: 17th March 2016

Hazelnut Update

Since the turn of the year Turkish Hazelnut prices have declined 18% in lira terms and 15.5% in US$ terms, the trend was broken briefly by a temporary rise in the second half of January as snowy conditions prevented supply from coming to market. Earlier this week the market was almost back levels seen before […]

Published: 12th February 2016