Thailand Dehydrated Fruits

Date: 11th December 2017 Category: Latest News
Thailand Dehydrated Fruits

The current winter crop is still has a good level of supply and this situation should still last until the next coming summer crop (Apr-June 2018). The price last month has dropped down to a certain point where it's not favourable to farmers and this has caused the price to bounce back slightly higher as per the government's announcement to all canned packers to maintain the purchasing price for the long term sustainability of the pineapple farming industry.

The price is expected to maintain at this level and is expected not to further reduce. In other words, pineapple's price should already passed their rock-bottom situation.

The supply has significantly dropped down, despite being in the papaya's peak season (Nov.-Jan.), this is due to the current and long continuous flood situation in south of Thailand during the last 2 months.

However, we notice that the price is currently not going up much as the demand for the canning is quite light. But we expect that the price may likely start to go up soon once the crop has passed by.

The crop has been harvested and the price level, comparing to last year is slightly higher.

The level of supply during the whole year 2017 is somewhat about 20% less than year 2016 and the price is slightly higher than last year. The situation of short mango supply is also expected to remain until next year as the mango itself is perennial which it needs about 3 years to obtain the fruits. In other words, it's difficult to expect the increase in supply during the next year.