Thailand Dehydrates Foods Products Market Report... Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Ginger etc.....

Date: 4th August 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Thailand Dehydrates Foods Products Market Report... Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Ginger etc.....

The rain seasons in Thailand delay by two months this year. Many plantation area are suffered from drought for this last two and half months, only ten days ago. Water shortage was so severe that even Bangkok have to reduce water supply and farming will be secondary priority. Therefore, there was no water for agriculture area for sometimes already. This have been affect on various crops.

Good news is nowadays, the raining season seem to start, but the figure of water reserve in many dams in Thailand are still in low level. We still have to wait and monitor on situation this year.

Re:- Market update # 03/2015

:- Pineapple, currently we can hardly find any raw material available for production especially item that need fresh raw material ie. Pineapple no cane sugar added, Pitropical4neapple with pineapple juice premium quality.

We expect season of pineapple will be delayed by one month. During October, we shall have good picture on crop size and quality of pineapple for year 2016. Due to pineapple plantation area do not have adequate water previously. This may cause damage and reduce crop size. We will update this information during October.

:- Pineapple core, as pineapple core will have the same effect as pineapple product. Therefore, availability and price will have similar affect with pineapple situation.

However, due to pineapple core raw material pricing is at high level for year 2015, we anticipate core price may not increase further as market may not accept.

:- White Papaya, for added color. Crop delay by one month with small quantity of raw material available. We are currently see much high price indication from supplier. New season should start in August but today offer price in market remain much higher price than last year.

However, we have good inventory for this item, therefore, we will have more time to wait to get best pricing of raw material.

:- Papaya natural red, currently raw material is not available due to drought. The season will be in October. This year will be a difficult year to anticipate pricing and availability.

Last year papaya crop size was small. However, raw material price remain soft due mainly to canneries (cocktail fruits) use less papaya in their mix.

This year, if cocktail fruits request papaya in their product, availability and price may have affect! Also farmer may not happy with pricing last year as crop size smaller but still could not making money!

Clear picture for papaya natural red should be available in October.tropical3

:- Ginger, new season is about to start. Of course, due to delay of raining season, crop also delay by one month. By late August, raw material should become available, we were told that quality should be good, soft and young ginger. The price should also be good if other market are not interfere same as last year.

More information will be provide during September for ginger crop for yearly price 2015.

:- Mango, small crop of mango should be available again in October / November.tropical2

For mango no cane sugar added, Mango juice and Premium mango, these products will be available during November. As it is only a short period. Please consider to make enquiry before crop start.

For standard mango product, we expect stable price, stable quantity and we see no shortage of mango to March 2016. New mango crop will be April-June 2016.

:- Cantaloupe, currently is off season. However, raw material in our inventory will cover till new season arrive. Expect stable price.

:- Coconut, price stable, no problem with quality of raw material. However, during October will be shortage period for coconut. Therefore, to build up inventory to cover usage during October is recommended.

:- Guava, season will be in late August – September. Product is three months interval. We expect stable price also as demand is not large.

:- Starfruit, three months interval crop. We have more better control on raw material quality together with storage. Therefore, consistent quality and stable price for the whole year 2015.

:- Dragon fruit, small raw material available with very high price this year due to damage from drought. Even the rain just start but it may be too late as season is near finish. Please check availability and price before confirm order.

:- Jackfruit, good quality with stable price. Once a year available.tropical5

:- Hibicus, season will be in November. Currently, we no longer have raw material available. New crop will be in late November-December.

:- Strawberry, season is finished. We manage to reserve raw material for this season per last year demand. We are checking with quality. Sample of new crop should be able to forward in next two weeks. Price is little softer than last year. The size that we received are majority in medium to small size.

:- Peach, we book raw material base on last year demand. Stable price. First raw material shipment should arrive our factory by end August.

:- Kiwi, new crop will be in late August/September. Will advise new crop situation in September / October. Please advise demand in order us to reserve raw material.

:- Apple and Pear: New crop will be in late September / October. Please advise demand in order us to reserve raw material.

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