Tree Fruit Crop Report 15.01.24

Date: 15th January 2024 Category: Latest News
Tree Fruit Crop Report 15.01.24

Royal Type Apricots

The 2024 Royal Apricot season started 14 days earlier compared to 2023. Despite this, producers extended the picking duration and implemented cold storage before processing the fruit to achieve optimal results.

While December 2023 featured favourable drying weather, the overall crop size is expected to be smaller than the previous year. This reduction is attributed to adverse weather conditions in October.

Elberta Type Peaches

The current status of the Elberta harvest indicates good conditions when looking at both fruit size and colour. The ongoing drying weather remains excellent. The drying season is anticipated to commence 10-14 days earlier than in 2023, with volumes expected to be similar to the previous year.


It's still in the early stages, with the harvest set to commence in week 3, starting 14 days earlier than usual. However, the anticipated volumes are expected to be similar to those of 2023.


The current crop size is smaller than the previous year. Fortunately, there has been no hail damage reported so far. Producers have initiated the harvest of early cultivars, commencing 10-14 days earlier than the typical schedule.

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