Tropical fruit, Thailand, Market Update

Date: 28th September 2023 Category: Latest News
Tropical fruit, Thailand, Market Update

The El Niño effect is causing a limited supply of most tropical fruits in Thailand. This is due to the lack of water supply, which is delaying the growing season and reducing crop yields.


The pineapple harvest is expected to be delayed by one month, starting in November instead of October. The price of raw materials has already started to rise, reaching a minimum of Bht13.00/kg.


The papaya plantation area has been expanding in recent years, but the long and severe drought is expected to reduce crop yields in the coming months. We are pessimistic about the papaya crop for the rest of the year.


The ginger harvest has also been delayed, starting in mid-September instead of August. Ginger prices remain high at Bht30.00/kg, compared to Bht10.00-13.00/kg last year.


The winter mango harvest has already started, but the supply is limited at the beginning of the season. The size of the winter mango crop is generally smaller than the summer crop. We expect the limited supply position to last until the next summer crop in April/May 2024.


There is still no improvement in the cantaloupe crop due to the long lack of water supply.


The coconut supply is also limited, but demand has declined as well. The price has been steady for a while now.

The El Niño effect is causing a limited supply of most tropical fruits in Thailand. This is expected to last until the end of next year. We recommend that buyers and importers of tropical fruits from Thailand be prepared for higher prices and limited supply. It is important to stay informed of the latest market conditions and to work closely with suppliers to secure your supplies