Tropical Fruit Update 20.06.24

Date: 20th June 2024 Category: Latest News
Tropical Fruit Update 20.06.24


As of today, the daily tonnage of fresh pineapple supply is relatively low at the level of 1,500mt per day, while the industrial canning demand is normally at the level of 3,500mt per day.  As a result, the canning factories have not been able to operate on a full-day basis during the past few weeks.  The price of fresh pineapple is now at bht13.00-15.00/kg.

This implies that approaching the end of the summer crop, we expect the season to end by early/mid-July & the canning may expect an early & long shutdown this year.

Positively, with the better rainfalls starting around mid-May & the expansion of the plantation since last year, we expect that this would have a positive impact towards the next winter crop.  We predict that the crop could start in late Oct/early Nov as the pineapple would need around 6 months after rainfalls for the harvest.


As we approach the end of the papaya crop, the supply has started to decline during the whole of Q3/2024 & the price of raw materials started to rise slightly.

We expect the supply of papaya should slightly be lower in the next main crop (winter: Nov-Jan.) as the plantation has been getting smaller due to the weak condition of canned tropical fruits during the summer crop & the risk of the heavy rain or flood, expected in Oct/Nov in the southern areas.


We expect that the supply of ginger in Y24 should be somewhat similar to that of in Y23, though the climate condition is better than last year.

The key point today which has limited the supply is the limited availability of the seeds from the previous crop.  As of today, the seeds are quite expensive and the mountain lands are more restricted for the plantations.

We expect to get a clearer picture again by the end of July.


The supply is still quite low, due to the long drought and there has been a pandemic condition over the coconut plants.

We expect that the situation should improve in mid/end Q3.

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