Turbulent time for Sesame

Date: 30th October 2018 Category: Latest News
Turbulent time for Sesame

Don’t rely on crop data as prices trend will be deciding on arrival of new crop & overseas demand. Market went at year’s highest level, no farmers/stockiest came to show their interest to sell their stock, which proved low inventory & raised doubt on new crop sowing data provided by government authority.

Sowing was similar to last year according to announced data, but information via farmer’s interviews on local news channel/newspapers are suggesting that excess/delayed rain caused disease in sesame tree/sowing delayed forced them to wash out sesame for re-sowing of other crops.

In annual meeting of IOPEPC last week, they were expecting new year crop of white natural sesame seeds 1,77,000 tons. Indian consumption stands by 1,00,000 tons (both black & white sesame) and Indian exports 3,36,844 tons for the year 2017-18. If we go with numbers, it’s going to be crazy.

Setting the numbers aside; going with the arrival status of new crop after new Indian year, demand from Europe, USA, China & Korea (Overall overseas demand), import support from Africa & effect on consumption/production of sesame bread & other sesame confectionery due to higher raw material cost.

Some packers/exporters are not taking any position to offer sesame seeds, as market is changing every hour, so our suggestion is to wait for better & stable market to take selling/buying position.