Turkish Apricot Market Update

Date: 30th November 2021 Category: Latest News
Turkish Apricot Market Update

In the last week, we saw an increase in price for Apricots from Turkey, due to a high increase in demand along with a scarce supply from growers. The Turkish Lira has recently become very weak against the US Dollar, resulting in Turkish Growers and exporters looking at increasing their pricing. This has all resulted in the market price steadily increasing, and we foresee this to continue into the near future. The market has started to show hesitation in purchasing recently due to the increased volatility in exchange.

Between the 1st of August to the 27th of November a total of 36,304 Tonnes were exported from Turkey, a 2,206 tonne increase against this time last year.

Between the 21st of November and the 27th of November Turkey exported a total of 2,103,920 Tonnes of dried Apricots.

Shipments by rank:

  • USA (4,670 Tonnes)
  • France
  • Germany