Turkish Apricot Update 16.04.24

Date: 16th April 2024 Category: Latest News
Turkish Apricot Update 16.04.24

Exports in March were 6,191 tons compared to 8,556 tons which is a decrease of 28%. As for year-to-date exports, a drop of 18% from 51,373 tons (2024) to 62,403 tons (2023) has occurred.

Shipments in March were back in line with expectations after a larger-than-expected number in February. After factoring in a little more carryover than previously thought, it is estimated that the 2023 crop was between 65,000 and 75,000 tons. We believe that the balance of crop is now committed for shipments through to the ew crop in August, and there will be another tight transition.


Bloom is now complete 2 to 3 weeks early. We still have a month or so of frost risk and 3 months of hail risk.

The bloom began early at the beginning of March and was then somewhat affected by several nights of mild to moderate frosts (ranging from -1°C to -4°C in certain areas). Subsequently, rain and a lack of insect activity in early Spring have affected pollination. Fruitlets started to develop in some areas but were shed by trees. There is also a history of the fungal disease that damaged trees last year, which means that low yields are expected from those trees.

It will be a few more weeks until the current crop potential is known.

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