Turkish Apricots 2015 crop approaches...

Date: 13th May 2015 Category: Latest News
Turkish Apricots 2015 crop approaches...

Turkish Dried Apricots Crop 2015 season is approaching  . Before we start to talk about new crop , I believe we need to argue the situation of Crop 2014 Season which will lead all of us to take the right decisions.apricots3

End of March 2013 we had severe frost damage in Malatya. Experienced growers state that it was the worst of many years  in Malatya . Majority of the Crop has been damaged . Official Crop estimate of 2014 season was 8210 ton which we believe was a very optimistic estimation .

So far in  Crop 2104 season Turkey exported ( Whole , Ind, Diced )  more than 40.000 tons  of Dried Apricots . We must also reckon in that , in this period about 5000 tons  consumed in  domestic market . We had main dried fruit consumption month of Ramadan  ( it was in end of June and in July ).

Turkey export 3000- 5000 tons of fruit monthly and we have two more months until new crop . We must also note that we have another Ramadan until new Crop  ( Mid June / Mid July )

If we even consider that Official Estimate of Crop 2014 was correct , according to the above figures and facts  we can say that Turkey will begin new crop season with almost no carry over stocks from previous seasons .Nearly all Dried Apricots will be consumed in Domestic Market or will be exported . Remaining fruit can not be considered as for human consumption because our very poor quality .

Due to price and quality concerns all importers reduced their import quantities so we can easily say that also importers and supermarket shelf's will begin new crop without any stock .

Turkey’s second biggest market Russia was out of the market during whole season because of their own conditions and  this vast market is without any Turkish Apricots .ağaçta kayısı 2

Crop 2105 season will be an interesting season . No stocks , empty markets and it looks that  all other dried fruit prices will be high ( Raisins / Dried Figs / Prunes )  at least at the beginning  .

Offical Crop estimation will be declared very  soon . As soon as we receive it we will share our expectations about Crop 2015 seasons