Turkish Dried Fruits Export Report

Date: 6th May 2021 Category: Latest News
Turkish Dried Fruits Export Report

Dried Apricots

Because of the shortage of raw materials, there has been no significant shift in the raw material industry. Some exporters continue to place additional orders in the market. However, the growers still hesitate to sell their raw material stocks on hand.
Because of their high growing costs, growers are adamant about not selling at current market rates.

Despite the fact that there has been no more frost damage to the orchards, the growers are hesitant to sell. At this time, it is unclear how long this condition will last.

We've seen price rises in the raw material market in recent days as a result of that demand.

We predict that the new crop size will be in the 100,000MT-120.000MT range based on the situation in the apricot orchards that have been surveyed so far.

In numbers...

  • Between April 25, 2021 and May 1, 2021, Turkey exported 1.706,970 MT of dried apricots on a weekly basis.
  • Between August 1st and May 1st, the total export quantity of Turkish dried apricots will hit 72.762.415 KG. When comparing this year's export quantity to last year's value, you'll find that this year's export quantity is 9.890,203 MT lower than the previous year's due date.
  • In terms of imports, the United States ranks first (10.484 MT) for dried apricots imported from Turkey, followed by Germany and France.

Dried Figs

In the raw material market, we continue to see rising demand. On the last few weeks, traders and exporters have been looking for high quality dried figs. Raw material prices continue to rise dramatically in the industry due to increased demand for high-quality materials.

If you look at the export figures from the previous week, you'll see that they totaled more than 54.000 MT. Until now, Turkish figs have been exported. As you can recall, the projected crop size for the 2020 crop was approximately 65.000 MT. We may estimate domestic market demand to be between 8.000 and 10.000 MT. As a result, it's safe to assume that we won't have enough raw material to ship until the end of the season.

In numbers...

  • Between the 25th of April and the 1st of May, a total of 1.111,323 MT of dried figs were exported from Turkey.
  • Turkish dried figs were exported in total 54.016,031 MT from September 30, 2020 to May 1, 2021. The amount listed is 1.167,711 MT lower than the previous year's due date. In terms of exports, the United States ranks first (9.847 MT) for dried fig imports from Turkey, followed by Germany and France.

Turkish Sultanas

Last week, only 75 MT of sultanas were traded on the exchange.
From September 1, 2020, to April 1, 2021, a total of 154.706,95 MT of Turkish Sultanas were exported.

When we look at the export data released this week, we can see that there were 27,546 MT fewer shipments than during the same time last season.

Unfortunately, the gap between shipments for the next two seasons has grown significantly, and it is widening with each passing week.

In numbers...

  • As normal, the United Kingdom leads the shipments of sultanas imported from Turkey (45.753 MT).