Turkish Fig Market Report  

Date: 9th November 2021 Category: Latest News
Turkish Fig Market Report  

There have been difficulties this year with finding good quality figs. This is due to the unfavorable, extremely hot weather conditions experienced in Turkey.

This hot weather has impacted both quality and pricing. It is important to note that there is a significant price gap between lowland fruits and mountain fruits. This has been seen more in larger sized figs, where there is a significant lack of raw material available. It has been recommended to book cover on all larger size figs, as good quality material is becoming tighter by the day.

  • On the weekly basis between 31st October 6th November as total 2,500 MT of dried figs are being exported from Turkey
  • From 6th October till 6th November 2021, around 16,100 MT of Turkish dried figs are being exported on the new season.
  • When we look at the export figures for this week, we can see that there was a total of around 191,569 MT less shipment than the previous season’s due date.
  • Germany is the biggest importer currently, second to France and third to Italy.