Turkish Raisins, Market update 10.05.2023

Date: 10th May 2023 Category: Latest News
Turkish Raisins, Market update 10.05.2023

Export volumes of Turkish raisins are looks the same as previous year, 171,600 MT have been exported untill 07.05.2023.
The TMO cleared out all old crop of 2021 season and bought most of the raw material of 2022 season. It is expected that the government may start offering recent crop that is estimated around 92.000 mtons by the end of May 2023.


Due to Turkiye has a decent big crop volumes and decent carryovers, the market looks quite stable and buyers’ side there is not much interested in long terms contracts but they try to cover their prompt needs.


Above chart shows 5 years crop estimations and actual export comparison. We can clearly see that with modern agricultural practices, Turkey has around and above +300K tons every crop that is the highest production values globally. At the same time, global consumption of Raisins both for snacking or industrial usage does not increase as following production increase. Finally, this fact stresses the market especially pricing scale every year that Raisins is the lowest value product within all dried fruits items

A new crop development looks good so far, by the first week of May, all frost risk is over and there would be only local rain and hail damages from now until the harvest time in September.