Turkish Sultanas Market Update...

Date: 12th January 2016 Category: Latest News
Turkish Sultanas Market Update...

We started new year with low price and this week the market price is getting higher again.

You can see below differences between weeks and years both price and quantity.ingredients2

Between 09/01/2015 and 09/01/2016 , The exported quantity have reached 82.316 mt with an average price of 2.141 usd / ton.  Last season  (2014 crop) at the same date, the exported quantity was 117.465 mt with an average price of 1.814 usd / ton.

Lets look at compare by week this year and last year first week of January;

03/01/ 2015-09/01/2015  ;  4.060 mt was exported with average price of usd 1.773 / ton.  And  same week  03/01/2016-09/01/2016 ; 1.962 mt was shipped with average price of  2.177 usd / ton.

The market results shows us crop quantity is affected the market price and the price is effected the exported range too much..