Turkish Vine Fruit, Market Report

Date: 29th June 2023 Category: Latest News
Turkish Vine Fruit,  Market Report

Raw Material (Pagmat)

2022 crop registration of raw materials at the bourse reached 323thd MT as of the end of May 2023 which is 11% higher than the previous crop's 260thd MT of the same period. Registered volume has already exceeded 2022's unofficial crop estimation of 320thd tons due to 3 TMO's (Turkish Grain Board} intervention purchasing. As we have still two months until the new crop it is likely that the total; registration will be over the estimation figure.


2022 crop exports

As of the third week of June 2023, the dried grape export quantity reached to 215thd MT which Is 2% higher than the 2021 crop's 210thd MT of the same week of previous year. However, the unit average export price has decreased by 4.4% of last year. Top ten countries on the right chart imported 82% of the total volume.

Top five countries that Turkey has exported so far are: UK (53,5thd MT), Netherlands (26,5thd MT), Germany (26,4thd MT), Italy {14,3thd MT) and France {13,5thd MT). Compared to the 2021 season, we see a volume increase of 37% for Netherlands, 4% for France and 1% for UK while Germany decreased its volume by 12%, Italy by 16%.


Price levels and Market

TMO(Turkish Grain Board} started selling their fruit by mid-May. As we are nearing the end of the crop season, the raw material prices Increased due to TMO's Intervention purchasing. Even though there is limited availability of raw materials In the market, the demand Is higher when compared to the last few months. After the presidential election In Turkey and due to the Increase In the rate decision to 15% levels by the Central Bank, USDTRY is fluctuating at around 25TRY levels. As of the third week of June, Turkey’s monthly minimum wage Is announced to Increase by 34% ‘which will likely be leading an Increase In labour and other costs.

From the vineyards

The flowering period is already completed in the vineyards in May. For the moment, the vineyards are in the thin unripe grapes period. This period Is sensitive to diseases. As the sun Is rising after the rain, in order to avoid diseases (mildew, powder mildew, etc.), the spraying process can be continued.  The leaf removal process Is carried out in the vineyards to improve air circulation and helps to provide more energy to grape by eliminating the unnecessary leaves. Tillage operations may continue to prevent harmful weeds.

Few days ago, the Agricultural Authorities has been announced the detailed Information to the growers to avoid any grape fruit moth (Lobesla botrana). Vineyards were not affected much despite the heavy rainfalls occurred on third week of June. The agronomists are watching the weather closely and In the following days, the picture will be more clear