Turkish Vineyards observation report, 5th June 2023

Date: 5th June 2023 Category: Latest News
Turkish Vineyards observation report, 5th June 2023

The vineyards have made significant progress during the month of May. Shoots have developed from the buds that awakened in early spring, and the clusters resembling tiny buttons have become visible. The vineyards are currently in the delicate period of flowering, where the flowers will soon develop into berries. This phase is crucial for the efficiency of the 2023 crop.

Overall, the vineyards are progressing well, but there are potential challenges that could affect the quality of the new crop. The possibility of heavy rains and hail is a significant concern that will be carefully observed until the end of the harvest and drying period. Fortunately, the impact of the agricultural frost observed at the end of March was minor and regional, with only slight effects observed in the vines.

Pest control measures are being implemented during this period to protect the vineyards from diseases such as powdery mildew and dead arm. Precautions, including leaf removal, are being taken to improve air circulation and provide more energy to the grapes by eliminating unnecessary leaves.

In terms of weather conditions, according to the Turkish meteorological service, May experienced seasonal normal weather patterns. Looking ahead, early June is expected to have partly rainy days with a maximum temperature of 30°C during the daytime and a minimum temperature of 14°C at night.

These weather conditions can have an impact on the vineyards, as rainfall can influence vine growth and disease susceptibility. However, with proper monitoring and precautions, the vineyard owners and farmers can mitigate potential risks and ensure the best possible outcome for the 2023 crop.

As the season progresses, it will be important to continue monitoring the weather and implementing necessary measures to protect the vineyards from adverse conditions. Stakeholders in the wine industry should stay informed about any updates and adjust their strategies accordingly to maximize the quality and yield of the upcoming harvest.