Turkish vineyards situation as of early April 2015

Date: 7th April 2015 Category: Latest News
Turkish vineyards situation as of early April 2015

One of our partners thoughts regarding the current situation with the Turkish Vineyards...

They are advising these basing on observations, and also what the other farmers had been advisingingredients2

Some areas, especially banks alongside Gediz River , had received frost and dew damage due to extreme cold weather.

Some vineyards which were pruned during end December - early January in this area has received some 25 to 60% damage, they suggest, of course the secondary blooms will occur however, weather conditions are still not so good.

On 15th April they should know more, but from what they can see, they are not too hopeful with the vineyards this season and it promises to be a tough year once again .

The budding is not as healthy as it should be, crop will be less basing on the bud , where as it was 30 bunches, estimates 10-20  bunches.

Only the younger vineyards looks better, in the 1-2 year old young vineyards, the budding is good, however even in the same area, two neighbouring vineyards will have different yields.

Hopefully after 15th April, things will improve...