Update on the Sunflower market...

Date: 25th January 2016 Category: Latest News

As we all know we had a warm first half of the winter season, due of tsunflowerhis warm period the sunflower demand decreased the last two months.

We have seen a price decrease of about 20 euro/mt during December and January.

Many packers and farmers are searching for opportunities to push there material these days.

Some of them are even offering near to there costs price to make sure the factories can keep running.

Last week it finally become more cold and maybe the real winter has arrived.

We expect that now winter is there the demand on the sunflower in increase again.

We believe that we have reached the bottom of the price for this crop and that we slowly get back to higher levels.

Our advise is to cover your sunflower in this period, to be ensured of material, good quality and a interesting price.

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