Vine Fruit, crop observation September 2022

Date: 5th October 2022 Category: Latest News
Vine Fruit, crop observation September 2022


As of the end of September 2022 crop Turkish dried grape harvest is over. The awakenings in the spring months were good, and the absence of significant frosts and hail led to the expectation of good quality and good yield. However, two important rain drops in late August and early September changed the course of the harvest. The first rain occurred in the relatively early period of the harvest, causing minor regional damages, while the second rain was very widespread and had an effect on the crop. The general expectation of at least 10% higher volume than last year's 305k tons lest it's placed to a similar or a bit higher volume expectation due to the rain damages. The sectoral expectation is around 320k tons, while the ministry of agriculture did not make an official announcement.



Mold appeared on the fruits that were caught to rain during the drying process in the fields, leading to Ochratoxin issues. Sieving moldy berries caused a decrease in crop volume. The growers who did not cut their grapes could not enter the fields due to rain puddles and could not make the harvest on time, and the ongoing rain and heat caused gray mold on the fruit in the vines. On the other hand, the experienced growers managed to dry the fruit even though it took a little bit longer than usual and prevented any quality issues, yet the color became darker.

This year Thompsons are expected to be higher in volume than last year. In a typical year sultana, No 9's are around 50-60% of Sultana volume while No10's about 10-20% and No7 and 8's around 10-20%. Due to rains, over 50% of new crop is No 7 and 8's while No 9's perhaps are no more than 30% and ~10's are definitely less than 5%. There are more smalls and mediums, while jumbos are observed less than a typical year.


Vine Yards

Vineyards are in the waiting and resting period after harvest. Before entering a sleeping period, necessary maintenance and irrigation processes will be applied in October.



The weather will be partly cloudy and partly rainy in seasonal standards, while the temperatures will be around 25 C during the day and around 15 C at night .