Vine Fruit Crop Observation, Turkey May 2022

Date: 23rd May 2022 Category: Latest News
Vine Fruit Crop Observation, Turkey May 2022

The flowering 

During May, the shoots developed from the buds that awakened in early spring, and clusters resembling tiny buttons became visible. The vineyards are now in the delicate period of flowering, after which the flowers will be developed into berries. This period is significant for the efficiency of the 2022 crop.

In the first three weeks of May, the weather was in seasonal standards where the highest daily temperatures were 23° C and Lowest at 13° C during nights. Even though no unfavorable effect has been observed so far, sudden drops and rises in temperatures that are not normally encountered during late spring are closely monitored.

Generally, the vineyards are progressing well. So far, no natural event or disease damage has occurred that threatens the development of the vineyards. Yet, possible heavy rains and hails are essential factors that would affect the quality of the new crop. Therefore, they will be carefully observed until the end of the harvest and drying period.

The Vineyards 

Necessary precautions are taken against diseases black vine weevil, mildew, and leaf scabies. Leaf removal process is carried out in the vineyards, which improves air circulation and helps to provide more energy to grapes by eliminating the unnecessary leaves.

The Weather 

According to the Turkish meteorological Service, the weather forecast seems favorable until May 25th, with temperatures around high 36° C in the daytime and 14 c at night and partly cloudy.