Vineyard Observation, July 2023

Date: 31st July 2023 Category: Latest News
Vineyard Observation, July 2023


The vineyards are currently in veraison period, which is the stage when the grape berries begin to increase in size and change color. The brix levels, which is the solid sugar content inside the berries, are also beginning to rise. The harvest will begin when the brix levels reach the ideal levels. (



The most important pest risk during the veraison stage is the bunch moth. The larvae of the bunch moth can cause the flowers to fall and the grapes to become infected with diseases. Powdery mildew and mildew diseases have also been observed in the vineyards due to the heavy rains in June. Efforts to combat and prevent these diseases are ongoing.



The average highest temperature in July was 38°C. The hottest day of the month was recorded as 43.6°C in the Manisa region. The highest temperature in the coming days is expected to be around 39°C.