Walnuts: Chile could achieve record crop

Date: 12th April 2022 Category: Latest News
Walnuts: Chile could achieve record crop

With a production of over 1 million mt, China remains the most important walnut-producing country. Chile is far from being able to keep up, but still expects a record crop in 2022.


China's crop remains unchanged

China will remain by far the most important walnut producer in the 2021/22 season. According to the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC), the crop here remains unchanged from last year at 1.1 million mt of inshell walnuts. However, the record exports so far this season pose major challenges for suppliers: Extremely high freight costs, labour and container shortages as well as a difficult situation on the financial market presented many a difficulty. Buying interest was particularly high before the Chinese New Year at the beginning of February, but experts also expect a stable market for the rest of the season. The Ukraine crisis as well as the further development of the pandemic and possible measures are important here. (Mundus Agri)


US crop arrives late

According to the California Walnut Board, the crop in the USA will be down by a good 8% year-on-year, although these estimates exceed those of the USDA by 7%. Currently, the experts are estimating 653,320 mt. According to the INC, the continuing interruptions in the supply chain continue to burden shippers and there are massive disruptions at the ports. The crop is also arriving slightly late in the markets due to unforeseen rains towards the end of the harvest season. However, demand is expected to remain strong as walnuts are sought after for their health benefits. (Mundus Agri)

Chile, which ranks third among the world's largest walnut producers, may have a nearly 17% larger crop in 2021 than the previous year, according to Chilenut; INC estimates currently stand at 153,000 mt. The first cautious forecasts for the 2022 crop are even more optimistic, according to experts, it could be more than 170,000 mt, setting a new record. (Mundus Agri)