What's happening with Pumpkin?

Date: 25th January 2016 Category: Latest News
What's happening with Pumpkin?

Prices have dropped quickly these last months and many packers are searching for options to sell.

Quality is still good in the market and also for the packers it is quite easy to buy good raw material from the farmers.

At the moment we do not see any indications why prices should rise again, but there is a possibility that after Chinese new year more people will start with buying which will make the prices increase again.

If you need to cover material, we think it is a very interesting period to buy.

Also for longer spreads.hugh

Since business is unsure at the moment, packers are willing to close some long term contracts simply to ensure their businesses for a longer term.

As we move further into 2016, stocks will slowly come under pressure which will have influence on the price later on. We expect that this will be visible in the price after April.


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