Türkiye Earthquake

Such a tragedy: A powerful and destructive #earthquake hit southern #Turkiye with damaging spillovers elsewhere. Our thoughts are with the entire people of Türkiye

Published: 6th February 2023

Cherrill Davey - RIP

Chelmer Foods are deeply saddened to announce the loss of Cherrill Davey who passed peacefully overnight. The late mother of our Managing Director James Weaire, was influential in assisting our founder Roger Weaire when the business started in 1992, just over 30 years ago. Our sincerest condolences go out to James, and all of Cherrill's […]

Published: 24th November 2022

Seed Market Outlook - 12/08/22

Currency: USD – 1.215 Euro – 1.18 Seeds Snapshot: Interest rates rose to 1.75% (the biggest rise in 27 years) with inflation now set to hit more than 13%. UK inflation (the rate at which prices rise) is currently at 9.4%, which is the highest level for more than 40 years. The UK is forecast […]

Published: 12th August 2022

Felixstowe Port - Strike Action Update

Following recent Discussions between the Port of Felixstowe and the Unite Union regarding the potential strike by its members, it appears that industrial action is going to take place between 21st to 29th of August 2022. Contingency planning is underway to minimise the impact upon our customers, but this will be limited given the lead […]

Published: 12th August 2022

Turkish Apricot Market Outlook August 2022

Key Points in the Apricot Market: July Apricot Exports from Turkiye were 1,754 tons July 2022 now down from 2,797 tons last year Year to date crop exports are 80,720 tons 2022 now down from 87,121 tons last year The July export figure for Turkish Apricots was around what was expected by the majority of […]

Published: 10th August 2022

Chelmer Foods Turkish Vine Fruit Market Outlook - 04/08/22

Published: 5th August 2022

Chelmer Foods Coconut Market Outlook - 02/08/22

Coconut Market Outlook - 02/08/22   UK domestic and European market demand remains slow, due to ever increasing inflation and costs being passed onto the consumer, where as Demand in Asia and South America has gained slightly over recent months. This situation is very unlikely to change in the immediate future due to holiday season […]

Published: 2nd August 2022

Supply of products from Ukraine & Russia

As the dreadful situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, we are starting to see the negative impact on the supply chain and markets already. Presently we are fielding a lot of enquiries about the origin of products that we import, and we can confirm the below products are directly affected, but not limited to: Linseed, […]

Published: 10th March 2022

Dried Apricots - Turkish Dried Fruit Market Update

Between the 1st of August and 6th of November 2021 we have seen 30,784 Metric Tonnes exported from Turkey. A 3,115 Metric Tonne increase from 2020 (27,668 Metric Tonnes. In the last few weeks, we have seen significant price fluctuations, resulting in a rapidly changing global market. This shows the strong demand for Apricots in […]

Published: 9th November 2021

Sultanas - Turkish Dried Fruit Market Update

Between the 31st of October and 6th of November we have seen 6,028 Metric Tonnes exported from Turkey. Between the 1st of September and 6th of October we saw 56,569 Metric Tonnes exported, just 50 Metric Tonnes few than the same period last year. This shows a steady however slightly reduced demand. Shipments from Turkey […]

Published: 9th November 2021