US Almonds, Market Update 13.10.2023

The almond market has been relatively quiet in recent weeks, with both buyers and sellers taking a cautious approach. However, the mood around the market is mostly positive, with buyers seeing demand coming back and sellers confident of a stable market into 2024. The September Position Report was released on October 13th and was stronger […]

Published: 16th October 2023

Seed Market Outlook 13.10.2023

The rate at which prices are rising dropped to 6.7% in the year to August, down from 6.8% in July. Slowing food inflation on items such as milk, cheese and eggs helped drive the surprise fall, although the pace of food price rises remains high - at 13.6%. To help slow inflation, the Bank of England […]

Published: 16th October 2023

Hazelnuts, weekly market update 04.10.2023

This week, we have seen some buyers enter the market and accept the current higher prices, which has increased overall market liquidity. However, we also have some customers actively looking to reduce their consumption in Q4 2023 due to high prices and cheaper alternative nuts available in the market. While we can never be certain […]

Published: 4th October 2023

Seeds Market Outlook, 03.10.2023

Fierce competition between supermarkets has led to the first monthly drop in food prices for more than two years, an industry body has said. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) said prices in September were down 0.1% from the previous month.  The BRC said food prices rose by 9.9% in the year to September, down from […]

Published: 3rd October 2023

Turkish Dried Figs, Crop Report 2023-2024

The 2023-2024 dried figs crop in Turkey is expected to be good overall, with a 10% increase in crop yield compared to the previous year. However, there is some uncertainty about the quality of the crop, with some reports suggesting that it may be lower due to increased humidity levels. Prices are expected to be […]

Published: 29th September 2023

Turkish Hazelnuts, Market Update 28.09.2023

This week, the Turkish hazelnut market sentiment has softened slightly. This is mainly due to two factors: Many processors in Turkey have covered the majority of their short positions in the past few weeks. Market sentiment is generally down after reaching the highest levels since the 2014 frost. Despite the slight softening in sentiment, prices […]

Published: 28th September 2023

Tropical fruit, Thailand, Market Update

The El Niño effect is causing a limited supply of most tropical fruits in Thailand. This is due to the lack of water supply, which is delaying the growing season and reducing crop yields. Pineapple The pineapple harvest is expected to be delayed by one month, starting in November instead of October. The price of […]

Published: 28th September 2023

Californian Almonds, Market Update 19.09.2023

August shipments for California almonds exceeded industry expectations, coming in at 212 million pounds. This was up 13.6% from the previous month and 7.1% off last year’s record shipment. Domestic shipments were 61.4 million pounds, up 8.6% from the previous month but down 6.2% from last year. Export shipments were 150.1 million pounds, up 15.7% […]

Published: 27th September 2023

Cranberry Crop Outlook, 20.09.2023

Canada The extremely changeable climate in Canada led to significant yield reductions in 2023. The winter was fairly mild for the first few months, but left a snow cover well above average, causing damage to many fields. The summer season was also challenging, with July being the rainiest month in the last twenty years, but […]

Published: 26th September 2023

Kabuli Chickpeas and Lentils, Market Update 26

Kabuli Chikcpeas The Argentinian chickpeas market is stable, with a crop volume that is much better than the previous year. However, weather conditions have slightly affected volumes, and the overall crop is expected to be 15-18% less than forecast. Market prices are stable, but suppliers are offering 7mm chickpeas for USD 1100+ in higher volumes. […]

Published: 26th September 2023