Supply of products from Ukraine & Russia

As the dreadful situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, we are starting to see the negative impact on the supply chain and markets already. Presently we are fielding a lot of enquiries about the origin of products that we import, and we can confirm the below products are directly affected, but not limited to: Linseed, […]

Published: 10th March 2022

Dried Apricots - Turkish Dried Fruit Market Update

Between the 1st of August and 6th of November 2021 we have seen 30,784 Metric Tonnes exported from Turkey. A 3,115 Metric Tonne increase from 2020 (27,668 Metric Tonnes. In the last few weeks, we have seen significant price fluctuations, resulting in a rapidly changing global market. This shows the strong demand for Apricots in […]

Published: 9th November 2021

Sultanas - Turkish Dried Fruit Market Update

Between the 31st of October and 6th of November we have seen 6,028 Metric Tonnes exported from Turkey. Between the 1st of September and 6th of October we saw 56,569 Metric Tonnes exported, just 50 Metric Tonnes few than the same period last year. This shows a steady however slightly reduced demand. Shipments from Turkey […]

Published: 9th November 2021

Turkish Fig Market Report  

There have been difficulties this year with finding good quality figs. This is due to the unfavorable, extremely hot weather conditions experienced in Turkey. This hot weather has impacted both quality and pricing. It is important to note that there is a significant price gap between lowland fruits and mountain fruits. This has been seen […]

Published: 9th November 2021

Lentil Market Update November 2021

Unfortunately, the lentil market remains unchanged this week. Low inventory is still apparent, and despite the slow demand, shipping problems are only getting worse, which means that it has become almost impossible to transport available inventory. Due to sluggish demand, some processors were found to have too much grain from farmers to be transported to […]

Published: 3rd November 2021

Sunflower Surge in Prices

The price of sunflower kernels has risen dramatically, with the price of Sun oil, Rape oil, and Palm oil being the driving force. Rape's price has doubled in the last year. The difference between rapeseed oil and Sun oil is very large. Sun oil is more likely to rise rather than sink as rapeseed oil […]

Published: 1st October 2021

Dehydrated Tropical Fruit - Sep 21 Report

Pineapple We are now in the off-season, with the winter crop slated to be harvested from October through January. This year's rains have been plentiful (July-September), and we anticipate a greater pineapple winter crop (compared to last year). However, the pandemic situation persists, affecting primarily labour movements and restrictions in the food industry, particularly the […]

Published: 17th September 2021

Chia Seed Market Update - August 2021

Currently the situation in Paraguay is very unstable with regards to new crop. Frosty weather has affected up to 60-80% of the total production which is putting an upwards pressure not only prices, but also product availability, increasing the struggle to keep up with demands. Every year frosty weather is expected to affect Chia crops […]

Published: 27th August 2021

Pecan Market Update - July 21

Raw material prices have risen dramatically in the recent ten days. With limited raw material available in the North American market and increased demand for late-season contracts, this pricing pattern is likely to continue into the following crop. The market is predominantly driven by demand from North American customers, but international markets (such as the […]

Published: 16th July 2021

Brazil Nut Market Report July 21

As the season draws to a close, the market remains exceedingly tough, and trade is hampered by a lack of available offers. Due to a scarcity of acceptable raw materials, several of our suppliers expect to wind up most of their activities by the end of July or early August. That is not to suggest […]

Published: 14th July 2021